The fastest and most complete progressive die design process

The solutions software guides you through all of the stages required to design a progressive die, automating the most tedious tasks and streamlining the most complex processes. NX Progressive Die Design is a comprehensive solution for both straight break and freeform sheet metal parts. You can design the complete die structure with associativity to the part design at every stage

Fig 1: Total Integrate solution for progressive die

Product analysis: Validate part design for manufacturability using data quality analysis, formability analysis and flattened blank shapes. Apply the One-step Unforming and Formability Analysis technology to analyze and design intermediate forms and the flattened blank shapes for complex freeform parts

Fig 2: Stamping analysis and blanking, Blank nesting

Process design: Utilize strip layout and scrap design tools to quickly prepare the strip layout. Specify the strip details and progression of design stages using a streamlined strip layout workflow. Simulate the manufacturing of the strip to ensure proper ordering of stations.

Fig 3: Trip layout design

Structure design: Layout the die base assembly and die inserts for forming and punching opera­tions. Efficiently and associatively design forming and punching tools. Configure the die based on libraries of inserts, die bases and standard parts. Automatically compen­sate for springback in bending punches and dies. Easily customize library content with­out programming.

Fig 4: Die Structure design

Detailing: Document the progressive die design using automated drawing creation with associa­tive hole tables, 3D annotation and hole tolerances. Leverage 3D annotation for paperless communication and manufacturing.

Fig 5: Detailing design

Design Validation: Validate the progressive die design within the assembly context for proper clearances and reliefs in various positional states. Analyze material usage of the strip layout and press force balance. Simulate the strip progression. Calculate and report press force and force center

Fig 6: Design validation

Integrate solution: The solutions integrate with CAM, CAE helps reduce the cost and time


  • Basic and advance training courses: Progressive die design
  • Simulation on customer product

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