NX for manufacturing

NX CAM provides the user with full range of features from 2.5 to 5 axis milling, turning, cutting, machining simulation with machining model and G-Code code.

2 1/2-axis milling

This module facilitates simple milling and drilling that’s used on almost every job. Zig-zag, offset and plunge milling are examples of the tool paths provided. Methods can range from manual tool positioning to advanced trochoidal roughing. Any of the milling modules can be combined with the turning module for mill-turn support.

3-axis milling

Roughing, rest milling, semi-finishing and contoured surface finishing address the challenges of freeform surfaces. This capability includes additional functions needed for high-speed machining.

5-axis milling

Flexible 5-axis programming functions are available with highly automated geometry selection and precise tool axis control.

Turbomachinery milling

Specialized 5-axis NC programming operations are supported for complex multi-bladed rotational parts, such as blisks and impellers.


This module provides simple 2-axis turning as well as multi-spindle, multi-turret applications. The system can work with solids or wireframe or even 2D profiles. For mill-turn machines, this module can be combined with any of the milling modules as needed.

Wire EDM

2- to 4-axis programming is supported, including multi-pass profiling, wire reversing and area removal.

FBM Author

These capabilities enable you to create and modify feature definitions and rules-drivenautomation processes through our Machining Knowledge Editor.

NC Simulation

Fully integrated, G-code-driven machining simulation uses postprocessed output for the mostcomplete simulation. Simultaneous multi-channel motion is synchronized and analyzed. The included Machine Tool Builder constructs realistic, kinematic machine assemblies.

Advanced CAD for NC programming

The latest NX CAD technology is provided to facilitate fast 3D model preparation and editing. This NC programming capability can be used to create 3D models of stock shapes, machine tool assemblies, tools and fixtures. The level of the CAD functionality depends on the selected CAM package.

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