The fastest and most complete electrode design process


NX™ Electrode Design software delivers a state-of-the-art solution to enable today’s tool manufacturers to shrink their lead times and reduce their costs. By combining industry knowledge and best practices with process automation, NX Electrode Design streamlines electrode modeling and design for any tool project that requires EDM. NX Electrode Design excels at handling the most complex and challenging electrodes, providing a timesaving, step-by-step solution that automates and helps toolmakers effectively design, validate,document, manufacture and manage the entire EDM process from design through production.

Manufacturing geometry identification

You can automate the way you specify the manufacturing processes for surfaces on the core and cavity. In addition, you can automatically search, recognize, group and color faces that you want to burn and rough through EDM, WEDM, milling and grinding.


Design the electrode working area and blanks

You can leverage specialized and efficient features to model the shape of the electrode head/burn area. Highly complex shapes are easily achieved and are associative – design changes made to the core and cavity properly propagate to the electrode, drawing and into machining.

NX Electrode Design add-on content

Electrode design

  • Manufacturing geometry identification (EDM, WEDM, milling, grinding, as-specified)
  • Box
  • Trim solid
  • Replace solid
  • Extend solid
  • Reference blend
  • Intelligent blank design
  • Spark area and type specification
  • Copy to new positions and orientations
  • Mirror
  • Undersize geometry based on spark gap and orbital motion

Electrode documenting

  • Automated drawing creation
  • BOM

Standard catalog offerings

  • Holders
  • Creation of special fixtures
  • Machining pallets


  • Projection area
  • Burn area
  • Interference validation

NX Electrode Design can add-on to and

integrate with Siemens PLM Software

product bundles and NX Mach Series

products including:

  • NX NC Machining
  • NX Mold Design
  • NX Progressive Die Design metasolution



  • Highly automated electrode design process
  • Specialized electrode modeling tools
  • Standard component libraries and intelligent blank selection
  • Fast and efficient design change propagation across entire process (tool design through machining)
  • Reduced electrode design errors
  • Automated drawing creation
  • Effective data and process management
  • Decreased EDM programming time

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