The fastest and most complete mold design process


NX™ Mold Design software delivers a state-of-the-art solution that enables mold manufacturers to shrink their lead times and tighten their cost controls. By combin­ing industry knowledge and best practices with process automa-tion, NX Mold Design streamlines the entire mold development process: from part design to tool assembly layout, tool design and tool validation. NX Mold Design excels at even the most chal­lenging mold designs, providing advanced functionality, step-by-step guidance and associativity with part designs to ensure fast response to design changes and quality molds.

Main Functions

Product analysis

Validate part design for manufacturability using wall thickness checking functions, draft analysis and undercut region detec­tion and radius evaluation.

Tooling analysis Validate

The mold design within the assem­bly context for proper clearances and reliefs in various positional states. Analyze the electrode requirements. Improve tool longevity with strength analysis and sharp corner detection.

Design change management

Graphically compare versions of a design for similarities and differences. Swap design versions, control the propagation of change and efficiently update related fea­tures, drawings and toolpaths.

Mold design


Parting line and surfaces

Shut-off surfaces

Core/cavity and region split


Merge cavities

Runners and gates

Subinserts and hole charting


Template configuration – re-use


Concept design

Automated drawing creation and holecharting

GD&T, 3D annotation, BOM, hole table,wire EDM start hole

Design change control

Standard catalog offerings

Part and assembly modeling

Solid and feature modeling



Free form modeling, basic

Straight break sheet metal

Assembly modeling

Free form modeling, advanced

Synchronous technology

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