The fastest and most complete progressive die design process


NX™ Progressive Die Design software deliv­ers a state-of-the-art solution that enables progressive die manufacturers to shrink their leads times and tighten their cost con­trols. By combining industry knowledge and best practices with process automa­tion, NX Progressive Die Design streamlines the die development process, from design through to tool validation. NX Progressive Die Design is a comprehensive solution for quality die design, supporting associativity with the part design at every stage of die development and including a variety of functions specific to automotive progres­sive dies.

Part and assembly modeling

  • Straight break sheet metal
  • Freeform modeling, basic
  • Advanced assemblies
  • Advanced sheet metal design
  • Freeform modeling, advanced
  • DesignLogic
  • Solid and feature modeling
  • Assembly modeling
  • UDF
  • Synchronous technology

Part preparation

Efficiently design both straight break and freeform sheet metal parts using a broad set of sheet metal features. Leverage fea­ture recognition, bend table and direct unfolding capabilities to design associative intermediate stage parts with prebends and overbends


Product analysis and tool analysis

Validate part design for manufacturability using data quality analysis, formability analysis and flattened blank shapes. Apply the One-step Unforming and Formability Analysis technology to analyze and design intermediate forms and the flattened blank shapes for complex freeform parts.

Validate the progressive die design within the assembly context for proper clearances and reliefs in various positional states. Analyze material usage of the strip layout and press force balance. Simulate the strip progression. Calculate and report press force and force center


Process design

Utilize strip layout and scrap design tools to quickly prepare the strip layout. Specify the strip details and progression of design stages using a streamlined strip layout workflow. Simulate the manufacturing of the strip to ensure proper ordering of stations.



Progressive die design

  • Sheetmetal feature recognition andassociative unfolding for straight break parts
  • Unform and flatten complex freeformparts
  • Blank design and layout
  • Scrap design
  • Strip layout design
  • Insert group design (bend, blank, burr,chamfer, counter bore, countersink, curl,deburr, dimple, emboss, engrave, form,lance, lifter, mount, pierce, pilot, userdefined)
  • Relief and pocketing design
  • Automated drawing creation and holecharting
  • GD&T, 3D annotation, BOM, hole tableand wire EDM start hole definition

Standard catalog offerings

Insert components (die accessories,punches, plates, bushes, pins, dowels, screws, springs, posts): Danly, Dayton, Hyson, Interchangeable, Unified, Strack, Superior

Die bases: Superior, Strack, Universal

Die base management

Standard part management


Press force calculation

Material usage

Product validation

Formability analyses – thinning

Interference checking stress, strain andspringback

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